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Understanding General Insurance

With normality resuming and furlough coming to an end, many people are returning to their pre-covid lifestyles. Throwing caution to the wind, however, is never normally the best option –…

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Shared Ownership: what do you need to know?

There are many government schemes designed to make buying a home more accessible for people who would otherwise struggle to generate a deposit. There are plenty of options to suit…

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FX Mortgages_Save energy art home

How you can save energy at home

Now that summer is officially over and the cold winter months draw ever closer, there’s no doubt energy bills will be on the minds of many. To put your worries…

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Re-mortgaging and home offices: does flexible working mean flexible living?

Over 50% of British homeowners are looking to renovate in 2021. With home offices skyrocketing in popularity due to the pandemic and an increase in flexible working – we take…

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Gifted deposits: how do they work?

So, you’re looking to buy your first property. You’ve been renting for a few years now and you haven’t been able to put enough money aside for a deposit. You’re…

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FX Mortgages Critical illness cover vs income protection: do you need both?

Critical illness cover vs income protection: do you need both?

Critical illness cover and income protection are often confused, with many people assuming if they have one, they don’t need the other. However, these policies and the cover they provide…

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What is remortgaging?

Over 30% of people aren’t sure what the term ‘remortgaging’ means but it is a great way to save money on your monthly mortgage payments! If you’re one of the…

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Green Mortgages: is sustainability the way forward?

The climate crisis is a real concern amongst most people in today’s world. More and more people are taking measures in their everyday lives in order to combat the effects…

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The buy-to-let market: where are we now?

After a whirlwind past 18 months, it would seem some form of normality is on the horizon. The pandemic has changed the face of the housing industry drastically given the…

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